Animal Control

City of Bunnell does not provide animal control services.  The following resources are availble in our area.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 
Birds with Bands(800)327-2263
Nuisance Gator(866)392-4286
Sick, Injured, Nuisance Wildlife(850)488-4676
Wildlife Feeding Violations(888)404-3922
Florida Bee Removal(800)343-5317
The Bee Guy Douglas Gabbert(386)405-7536
Trappers / Rescues 
A Advanced Wildlife(386)679-0747
Ahoph Rescue      (Will take deer.)(386)233-1054
Ancient City Wildlife Removal(904)315-4865
ARC Rescue     (Will take deer.)(904)403-4511
Bobcat Rescue(813)493-4564
Community Cats(386)237-7696
East Coast Wildlife Rehab(386)334-2237
Pet Caravan(904)471-3925
Wildlife Management(386)437-7783
Flagler Humane Society(386)445-1814
     Animal Control(386)246-8612