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The City of Bunnell is currently managing some $88 million in capital projects to include:

Phase 1 Coquina Hall Restoration

Coquina City Hall was placed on the Registry of National Historic Places in 2019.  As a National Historic Place, any restoration or changes to the facility require several levels of approval and higher restoration/construction costs to meet the requirements for a historic building.  The facility had to be closed for safety in 2021.  Remediation of the facility was completed in the fall of 2022.  Due to the high cost estimates to restore the facility to a historical and functional, safe use with minimal impact to the City General Fund budget and City reserves, the City has been seeking grants and other funding to complete the near $2 million dollar project since 2022.  Click here for updates and photos.

Primary Department:Parks & Recreation / City Clerk
Award / Budgeted Amount:$500,000.00
Funding Source:Special Category Grant Florida Department of State Division of Historical Resources
Amount Spent to Date:$6,749.75
Percent Complete:Designs/Plans 100%; Construction 0.0%
Next Milestone / Step:Waiting for delivery of historical windows before opening the building to environmental elements; backflow being repaired prior to water being restored to the building
Target Completion Date:August/September 2024

Coquina Bldg

Flagler Central Commerce Pkwy

The Flager Central Commerce Parkway Connector project will include the construction of the new Commerce Parkway Connector roadway and new water and sewer utilities in the City of Bunnell, Florida. The project limits are between SR-5(US-1) and SR-100, and the total project length is ±1.7 miles. The project will include the construction of a 2-lane, 1.7-mile roadway with 11-ft lanes, 8-ft (5-ft paved) shoulders, a 5-ft sidewalk, wildlife fencing, wildlife crossings, and a dedicated stormwater management system. In addition, the County is constructing both left and right turns lanes on US 1 and an existing portion of Commerce Parkway just south of SR 100 will be milled and resurfaced.  All pedestrian facilities shall adhere to current ADA standards.  Click here for updates and photos.

Flagler Central Commerce Pkwy
Primary Department:Engineering
Award / Budgeted Amount:$12,394,898
Funding Source:State, County and City.  City's funding is sourced from City collected Impact Fees which equal $4,500,000
Amount Spent to Date:$272,073
Percent Complete:5%
Next Milestone / Step:Continue with Clearing and Grubbing Activities
Target Completion Date:July 2025

Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab / Expansion

The project entails design, permitting, funding assistance, and construction administration services to rehabilitate the existing plant and expand the treatment capacity to 1.20 MGD.

CLICK HERE for more information on this Infrastructure Department project.

Primary Department:Infrastructure / Collection Utility
Award / Budgeted Amount:$28,841,345
Funding Source:USACE Funding | SJRWMD Grant | FL State Grant | SRF Loan
Amount Spent to Date:$1,370,547
Percent Complete:5%
Next Milestone / Step:Construction Agreement
Target Completion Date:July 2026
Aerial of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Bunnell Administration & Police Department Complex

Being built on Flagler Central Commerce Parkway, the new home for the City of Bunnell operations will provide a permanent home to base City operations and with the ease of access to the Government Services Complex and Emergency Management Center, the City will be better placed for cooperative efforts with other jurisdictions.  The City purchased the property in 2022 and completed design in 2023. Once completed, the 19,000 square foot facility will be home to the City Administration offices, the Police Department and a Chamber’s Meeting hall.  Work has commenced and completion of the facility is expected to be Summer 2025.  Click here for updates and photos.

Bunnell Administrative and Police Complex Rendering
Primary Department:Engineering
Award / Budgeted Amount:$10,500,000
Funding Source:General Fund Loan Proceeds
Amount Spent to Date:$1,303,479
Percent Complete:12.4% Construction
Next Milestone / Step:Pond 2 Excavation, Import Fill, Front of Property Fill & Grading.  Building Pad Started.
Target Completion Date:August 2025

Hymon Circle Stormwater Project

Stormwater drainage project for the Hymon Circle community to reduce flooding.

CLICK HERE for more information on this Infrastructure Department project.

Primary Department:Infrastructure / Stormwater
Award / Budgeted Amount:$700,000
Funding Source:Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
Amount Spent to Date:$109,889.36
Percent Complete:0%
Next Milestone / Step:Bidding Process
Target Completion Date:December 2024
Hymon Circle Project

Design-Build Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Project

Design and construct a reverse osmosis system to treat brackish water and conduct a pilot study to determine the most effective treatment for the system.

CLICK HERE for more information on this Infrastructure Department project.

Aerial Water Treatment Plant
Primary Department:Infrastructure / Distribution
Award / Budgeted Amount:$4,500,000
Funding Source:State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Legislative Grant
Amount Spent to Date:$0
Percent Complete:0.0%
Next Milestone / Step:Design - Build Agreement in negotiation
Target Completion Date:September 2026


Army Corps of Engineers Flood Plain Management Services (City-wide Flood Study)

The Army Corps of Engineers will provide a full range of information, technical services, and planning guidance and assistance on floods and flood plain issues through advice, education, information and technical support to the City of Bunnell.

Primary Department:Engineering
Award / Budgeted Amount:$200,000
Funding Source:Flood Plain Management Services support is 100% Federally funded.
Amount Spent to Date:


Percent Complete:10%
Next Milestone / Step:Existing Conditions Stormwater Modeling of existing conditions to see how water is flowing.
Target Completion Date:October 2025
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