Found / Unclaimed Property

The Bunnell Police Department is responsible and accountable for the control of Found Property (tangible personal property which does not have an identifiable owner) that is found within the city and must retain such items for at least 90 days.

Public notice is posted on the Bunnell Police Department Found/Unclaimed Property Page each month, listing such recently recovered found property as to allow rightful owners the opportunity to identify and claim lost items before disposal.  

Personal property retained by the Bunnell Police Department for the purpose of Safe Keeping shall be retained for 60 days, before disposal. 

Evidence Property is any item or article that has been collected by a law enforcement agent to conduct a criminal investigation.  Any item or article to be released must have a written release by the case agent, prosecuting attorney or a lawful court order. Property received as Evidence is considered Unclaimed Evidence 60 days after the case disposition.  If no claim of ownership has been made the items will be disposed of 60 days after the case has been resolved/closed.

Firearms:  All persons requesting to reclaim a firearm are subject to a State of Florida FPP (Firearm Purchase Program / NICS) background check for prior felony convictions and active domestic violence orders. Firearms may not be released to a convicted felon or if the claimant has an active domestic violence order in ANY State or Territory.  If there is any question about the adjudication or disposition of charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved with a specific signed order from the courts.  

Due to safety and liability reasons, neither Ammunition nor Medications turned in, found, seized or held by the Bunnell Police Department will be returned. 

Pursuant to Florida State Statue the Bunnell Police Department has the right to donate unclaimed property to a nonprofit charitable organization, dispose of, sell, or retain the item for Agency use.

If you’ve lost an item in the city, please be sure to check these public notices frequently and contact the Bunnell Police Department Evidence & Property to inquire about and/or make claim to any item that you believe may be yours, proof of ownership will be required to claim.

Inquiries may be made by calling (386) 263-8988 and leaving contact information, or via email to the Evidence & Property Manager, Rommel Scalf at, or by certfied mail to: Evidence / Property Manager, Bunnell Police Department, P.O. Box 756, Bunnell, FL 32110  

Found Property - Disposed of 90 days from incident date

Date PostedIncident DateCaseItem #Description Owner -  if KnownDisposal Date
02/28/202401/25/202424-029771Green and Black Next SN DWH447195 04/24/2024



Black Kent Bicycle SN WMGSOMG618000916



Pink Mongoose SN FSD14GE9538


Red Huffy SN AB14D0294


Brown Cross Wind SN 011040210


Blue Schwinn SN 8NFSD21FC7187


Black Beach Cruiser no serial number


Pink Huffy SN AH18H094260


Pink Huffy SN H9L1936868


White and Purple La Jolla SN GS20849011


Blue Gary Fisher SN 2022U015


Blue Next SN 38029838   

02/03/202402/03/202424-040771 - 3

Brown Wallet, Driver's License, Credit Card

Jonathan Smith05/03/2024
04/09/202407/03/202323-141161Gold colored ring 07/08/2024
04/09/202406/28/202323-136151Silver box cutter 


04/09/202401/09/202323-006331-2US ID J. Flores / FL DL L. KilunsJ. Flores / L. Kiluns07/08/2024
04/09/202401/26/202323-016341Black Motorola phone 07/08/2024

Unclaimed Property - Disposed of 60 days after incident date

Date PostedIncident DateCaseItem #DescriptionOwner if KnownDisposal Date
02/28/202402/08/202424-046541-2Florida Driver's License, Credit CardRobert James Jr.04/08/2024
02/29/202402/28/202424-067963Social Security Card Mitchell Greathouse04/28/2024
02/29/202402/28/202424-068054Bank of America CardSharmen Gaither04/28/2024
03/18/202402/15/202424-054551Florida Driver's LicenseBruce B. Marshall05/17/2024
03/28/202403/28/202424-094031-2Pocket knives and mini screwdriversJulie Jewell05/27/2024
04/09/202409/28/202323-221507-8Blue backpack, clothing, speakers, flip-flopsShaquez Neal06/08/2024
04/09/202409/20/202423-212981FL ID Card Christopher Brown06/08/2024
04/09/202408/30/202323-1905997Black Bifold WalletHerman Standifer06/08/2024
04/09/202408/03/202323-165581Grey wallet with Debit Card, condomsCarlos Rodriquez06/08/2024
04/09/202407/26/202323-158071Black Iphone with cracked screenUnknown06/08/2024
04/09/202407/03/202323-141161Gold colored ringUnknown06/08/2024
04/09/202406/29/202323-137185-9Cellphone, toothbrush, Hat, fake nails, black bagHailey Green06/08/2024
04/09/202406/10/202323-122805PocketknifeLeigh Ann Holloway06/08/2024
04/09/202405/08/202323-095841-2Old Timer Pocketknife, Husky PocketknifeLeigh Ann Holloway06/08/2024
04/09/202404/22/202323-081311Black & Red bicycleMachiela Corbett06/08/2024
04/09/202404/02/202323-062941-5Keys on ring, Belt, Bag with clothing, Revolver, HammerJohn Maquire06/08/2024
04/09/202403/31/202323-061251-2$199 US currency, Ruger SR22 with magazineLiping Zhao06/08/2024
04/09/202403/19/202323-051342-3Pool cue, suitcase with clothingRandy Borlie06/08/2024
04/09/202403/08/202323-044261Green/Black backpack with personal effectsUnknown06/08/2024
04/09/202401/12/202323-008751PocketknifeBrittany Cotman06/08/2024
04/09/202401/22/202323-014426-7FL ID Card - S. Huggins / Samsung PhoneSamuel Huggins06/08/2024
04/09/202410/04/202323-226741-3Black Sneaker, hat, wrist watchFred Emmanuel06/08/2024
04/09/202410/19/202323-242231Black cellphone / Garmin GPSSean Stewart06/08/2024
04/09/202412/18/202323-300921-7Bicycle, Hat, Shirt, Speaker, Necklace, Blue/Green dog leash, U.S. quarter 06/08/2024
04/11/202404/10/202424-109191-2Yellow cylinder tube and Kent Beach CruiserChristopher Walker06/10/2024
04/11/202410/21/202020-253581-2Spikes Tactical AR-15 with one magpul mag, 31 rounds of ammunitionKrystal McCante06/10/2024
04/15/202404/10/203424-109691-2Sccy Pistol with MagazineJeremy Coroneas06/15/2024