Found / Unclaimed Property

The Bunnell Police Department is responsible and accountable for the control of Found Property (tangible personal property which does not have an identifiable owner) that is found within the city and must retain such items for at least 90 days. Public notice is posted at Bunnell Police Department lobby each month, listing such recently recovered lost property as to allow rightful owners the opportunity to identify and claim lost items.  Personal property retained by the Bunnell Police Department for the purpose of Safe Keeping shall be retained for 60 days. Evidence Property is any item or article that has been collected by a law enforcement agent to conduct a criminal investigation. Any item or article to be released must have a written release by the case agent, prosecuting attorney or a lawful court order. Property received as Evidence is considered Unclaimed Evidence 60 days after the case in which no claim of ownership has been made.

Firearms:  All persons requesting to claim a firearm are subject to a background check for prior felony convictions and active domestic violence order. Firearms may not be released to a convicted felon or if the claimant has an active domestic violence order. If there is any question about the adjudication of a charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved.

Due to safety and liabilty reasons, Ammunition turned in or held by the Bunnell Police Department will not be subject to return. 

Pursuant to Florida State Statue when these items remain unclaimed, the Bunnell Police Department has the right to donate the unclaimed property to a nonprofit charitable organization, dispose of, sell or retain the item for Agency use.

If you’ve lost an item in the city, please be sure to check these public notices frequently and contact the Bunnell Police Department Evidence & Property Clerk to inquire about and/or make claim to any item that you believe may be yours (proof of ownership will be required). Inquiries may be made by calling (386) 206-4617, or via email to the Evidence & Property Manager, Gerard Lampiasi 

Found Property 


DateCaseItem #Description Owner if Known
11/04/2121-253671Credit Card John Fortner
05/13/2222-80051Bank CardCharles Hollingsworth
05/13/2222-81551Schwinn Bicycle 
05/22/2222-87501Black Vehicle Key Fob 
06/08/2222-101171I Phone in Otterbox Case 
08/21/2222-161321NEXT Bicycle 
11/05/2222-224781US PassportTaylor Hall
11/05/2222-224782Money Order $16.00Taylor Hall
11/05/2222-224783Baby AnnouncementTaylor Hall
10/22/2222-213691Heritage MFG 22 MAG Revolver 
10/22/2222-213692(3 ) Rounds - (1) Casing 
10/22/2222-213693Cylinder & Pin 
11/04/2222-223651Rock Island Armory Model 206 .38 Caliber Revolver  
11/08/2222-227071Peach & Blue Bookbag 
11/08/2222-227072Pair of Orange Cleats 
11/08/2222-227073Pair of Football Gloves 
11/08/2222-227074Lacrosse Ball 
11/08/2222-227075Misc Clothes 
12/21/2222-259671Misc Personal Items 
01/09/2323-6331USA ID CardJavier Flores
01/09/2323-6332FL DLLarry Kiluns
01/09/2322-6333FL DLHarriet Faulds
01/09/2322-6334Misc Health Insurance Cards 
01/09/2322-6335Credit CardsHarriet Faulds
01/09/2322-6336Multi Colored Wallet 
01/26/2323-16341Black Motorola Android Cell Phone 

Unclaimed Property

DateCaseItem #DescriptionOwner if Known
11/03/2121-253081Crow Bar 



1Blk High Point 9mm Handgun Ser# P100413284Stewart Brown
02/18/2222-29642(7) 9mm Rounds

Stewart Brown

02/18/2222-29643Black Holster

Stewart Brown

04/22/2222-66671Red Milwaukee folding knifeSean Giddens
05/07/2222-77061Florida DLDavaris Allen
06/04/2222-97651Men's Mountain BicycleMelvin Vincent
06/04/2222-97652Duffel Bag with Misc. ItemsMelvin Vincent
06/10/2222-102423Knife and (2) Eyebrow Plucker Keneisha Flyod
06/12/2222-103604KnifeKarli Elliott
06/14/2222-105001Keys to VehicleJohn Munaxo
06/20/2222-110731KnifeLandis Pavey
06/20/2222-110732FlashlightLandis Pavey
06/20/2222-110733Bug SprayLandis Pavey
06/22/2222-112783PurseHailey Green
08/07/2222-149101Black Pair of Tennis ShoesLester Russell
08/07/2222-149102Black BeltLester Russell
08/13/2222-154611$1.64Gerald Lee Watts
09/03/2222-170753BicycleTony McDuffie
09/08/2222-174941KnifeRobert Potochar
10/11/2222-204105Dark Blue BicycleKenneth Stancil
10/11/2222-204106Backpack with Personal ItemsKenneth Stancil
11/13/2222-230962BicycleRobert Curran
11/13/2222-230963Metal NecklaceRobert Curran
12/10/2222-252553Bag of Personal PropertyKenneth Stancil
01/03/2323-1841Tan BeanieAngel Torres
01/05/2323-3661Taurus .38 Caliber RevolverAlexander Gurley
01/12/2323-8751Black Folding PocketknifeBrittany Cotman