Coquina City Hall

The 3,500 square foot Bunnell City Hall can accommodate small to large groups. The room's versatility meets the needs of social events and business conferences as well as banquets. Bunnell City Hall has a 250 person maximum capacity. City Hall, otherwise known as the "Civic Center" was built in 1936-37 with Work Progress Administration grant funding. Superintendent Z.D. Holland and foreman John Swain enlisted men from the community during the Depression. The stone foundation is constructed entirely of coquina, which was quarried between Bunnell and Flagler Beach. The workers cut the coquina with hatchets to produce the flat-faced smooth walls. The lintel or stonework, over the doors and windows were cut into wedges to support the arches. A heart shape stone was perfected by careful hands and may still be seen today in the hall. Beautiful Lake Lucille, located in front of City Hall, was once a cypress mud hole. Workers shoveled mud out of the hole into wheelbarrows, and then used it to level the four blocks behind City Hall. The "Civic Center" serves many functions now and in the past: Cabbage Balls, School Dances, Meeting Hall, Commission Chambers, Wedding Hall, and many, many more.