It's Another Great Day in Bunnell

Dr. Jackson to start hosting a monthly virtual forum.
Monday, May 18, 2020 - 6:00pm

It’s Another Great Day in Bunnell

It’s another great day in Bunnell. Anyone calling Dr. Alvin Jackson will get that greeting as he answers the call. And to help share and explain why it is another great day in Bunnell, Dr. Jackson is going to start hosting a once a month virtual forum- the “It’s Another Great Day in Bunnell” virtual forum series. The City already prepares and publishes a monthly City Manager Report. The report summaries some of the higher-level projects, tasks and events that occurred during the month. While the report is a great way to communicate information, it does not allow for detailed explanations. It also takes time to prepare and publish and some that information may be “old” news by the time it is published.

With the use of virtual meetings becoming a norm for people during this health crisis, the City has decided to explore other ways to connect with and share information with its citizens. And that is how the “It’s Another Great Day in Bunnell“ virtual forum series was created.

On the third Monday of every month, Dr. Alvin Jackson will host a 30 to 45-minute forum. During this time, he will provide updates about activities, events, projects and other things going on within the City. Those attending will also have the opportunity to ask questions or provide information to the City Manager.

The first ever “It’s Another Great Day in Bunnell” virtual forum will be held Monday, May 18, 2020 at 6:00 PM. How to access the virtual forum will be published at least a week before it will be held. Citizens will be able find that information on the City website and Facebook page. The City looks forward to sharing why it is another great day in the City of Bunnell.