Date Description File
1/17/2015Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration (Note: This is not a city sponsored event)Download PDF
11/24/2014City of Bunnell Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application 1st Public HearingDownload PDF
11/21/2014City Employee/City Commission Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon (Not open to Public)Download PDF
11/18/2014Public Hearing to consider Special Exception Request to allow a Residential Use of Property Located at 202 N. Railroad St.Download PDF
11/5/2014City of Bunnell CDBG Citizen's Advisory Task Force (CATF) MeetingDownload PDF
11/1/2014City of Bunnell/Flagler County Joint Hazardous Household Voluntary Cleanup DayDownload PDF
10/23/2014Public Notice - FRDAP MeetingDownload PDF
10/23/2014City of Bunnell Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Grant ApplicationDownload PDF
9/16/2014PZA Public Meeting Notice - Sugar Sands Furry Family Hospital Special Exception RequestDownload PDF
8/28/2014September NewsletterDownload PDF
6/23/2014FY 2013 Audit PresentationDownload PDF
6/17/20142014 06 07 PAZ Public Meeting Notice - Flagler Playhouse Variance RequestDownload PDF
5/14/20142013 City of Bunnell Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
5/14/20142013 Plantation Bay Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
5/12/2014Atlantis Complex Facility TourDownload PDF
4/7/2014WATER TREATMENT PLANT ION EXHCHANGE PROJECT Proposal 2014-03 Addendum #2BDownload PDF
4/4/2014WATER TREATMENT PLANT ION EXHCHANGE PROJECT Proposal No. 2014-03 Addenda 2ADownload PDF
4/2/2014Public Notice - Courthouse Committee MeetingDownload PDF
3/31/2014FY 12 - 13 CRA Annual ReportDownload PDF
3/31/2014Public Notice - Fraternal Order of Police MeetingDownload PDF
3/26/2014New City CharterDownload PDF
3/21/2014Addendum #1 for RFP 2014-03Download PDF
3/19/2014RFP 2014-03 Water Treatment Plant Ion Exchange ProjectDownload PDF
3/13/2014Potato Festival - Pageant Entry FormDownload PDF
3/13/2014Potato Festival - Pageant LetterDownload PDF
3/13/2014Potato Festival - Pageant RulesDownload PDF
3/13/20142014 Potato Festival - Vendor Agreement and ApplicationDownload PDF
3/13/20142014 Potato Festival FlyerDownload PDF
3/13/20142014 Potato Festival - Chili Cook Off FlyerDownload PDF
3/13/20142014 Potato Festival - Chili Cook Off Rules and RegistrationDownload PDF
3/1/2014March NewsletterDownload PDF
2/28/2014RFP 2014-01 Bank Qualified Interim Line of CreditDownload PDF
2/28/2014RFP 2014-02 Mold and Mildew Remediation - Historic CourthouseDownload PDF
2/28/2014RFP 2014-03 Water Treatment Plant Ion Exchange ProjectDownload PDF
2/26/20142014 Potato Festival Parade ApplicationDownload PDF
2/10/2014City Commission Executive Strategy SessionDownload PDF
2/5/2014Ground Breaking - GW Carver Sports ComplexDownload PDF
2/1/2014February NewsletterDownload PDF
1/21/2014Special Exception - Sheltons Vet Clinic - Allow Animal Boarding ServicesDownload PDF
1/21/2014Special Exception - Sugar Sandy's Furry Family Hospital - Allow Animal Boarding ServicesDownload PDF
1/15/2014Public Notice - Rehabilitation Centers & Prison Diversion ProgramsDownload PDF
1/1/2014January 2014 NewsletterDownload PDF
12/31/2013Centennial Calendar Of EventsDownload PDF
12/13/2013Christmas in Bunnell & Festival of Lights Download PDF
12/2/2013Special Joint Commission MeetingDownload PDF
12/1/2013December NewsletterDownload PDF
11/9/2013Festival of the CenturyDownload PDF
11/9/2013Centennial Vendor ApplicationDownload PDF
11/9/2013Centennial Parade ApplicationDownload PDF
11/1/2013Fire Hydrant Decoration and Rules Extended thru NovDownload PDF
11/1/2013November 2013 NewsletterDownload PDF
10/15/2013Special Exception - Prison Diversion Program - 309 E Booe StreetDownload PDF
10/7/2013Rescission of Precautionary Boil Water Notice #2180134 Broken Water Main on State Road 100 Download PDF
10/5/2013Going the Extra Mile (American Cancer Society Event)Download PDF
10/5/2013Going the Extra Mile Registration FormDownload PDF
10/3/2013Precautionary Boil Water Notice #2180134 Broken Water Main on State Road 100 Download PDF
10/1/2013Heritage Crossroads Monthly MeetingsDownload PDF
9/29/2013Rescission of Plantation Bay Precautionary Boil Water NoticeDownload PDF
9/28/2013Bridge Building Program K-12Download PDF
9/28/2013Flagler Heritage FestivalDownload PDF
9/21/2013RFP 2013-12 for City Attorney ServicesDownload PDF
9/21/2013Plantation Bay Precautionary Boil Water Notice #2184251Download PDF
9/20/2013BYOB - Bring Your Own Bra (American Cancer Society Event)Download PDF
9/17/2013Special Exception - Mixed-Use Project - 1100 E Moody BlvdDownload PDF
9/17/2013Special Exception - Empire Outdoors - 2254 Steel Rail DriveDownload PDF
9/7/2013RFP 2013-11 Bank Qualified Interim Line of CreditDownload PDF
9/1/2013September NewsletterDownload PDF
9/1/2013Wayfarer 2013 Fall NewsletterDownload PDF
8/20/2013Variance Request - Empire OutdoorsDownload PDF
8/1/2013August NewsletterDownload PDF
7/23/2013RFP 2013-10 Approved Landscape Plans - Part 1 of 2Download PDF
7/23/2013RFP 2013-10 Approved Landscape Plans - Part 1 of 2Download PDF
7/23/2013RFP 2013-10 Approved Landscape Plans - Part 2 of 2Download PDF
7/22/2013Bunnell Landscape Enhancements Technical SpecificationsDownload PDF
7/13/2013RFP for Construction Services for Landscape EnhancementsDownload PDF
7/8/2013Public Notice - Happy 100th Birthday City of BunnellDownload PDF
7/8/2013Bunnell's Birthday Party & Time Capsule BurialDownload PDF
7/8/20131913 Period AttireDownload PDF
7/4/2013Public Notice - 4th of July Parade in Flagler BeachDownload PDF
7/1/2013July NewsletterDownload PDF
6/21/2013Public Meeting - Bunnell's Homeless Assistance and Prevention ForumDownload PDF
6/18/2013Public Meeting - Special Exception Request 205 N Orange StDownload PDF
6/18/2013Public Meeting - Variance Request 106 S. Bay St SetbacksDownload PDF
6/18/2013Public Meeting - Variance Request 106 S. Bay St Width Landscape BufferDownload PDF
6/18/2013Public Notice - New Hope Holiness Special Exception RequestDownload PDF
6/13/2013Neighborhood Crime Watch MeetingDownload PDF
6/7/2013RFP 2013-09 City Attorney ServicesDownload PDF
6/7/2013Special ElectionDownload PDF
6/1/2013June NewsletterDownload PDF
6/1/20132012 Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
5/29/2013Water Treatment Plant Phase III CeremonyDownload PDF
5/22/2013RFP 2013-08 ROLL OFF DUMPSTER SERVICEDownload PDF
5/17/2013City of Bunnell 2012 CCR FinalDownload PDF
5/15/2013RFP 2013-07 Department of Solid Waste - BID CANCELLEDDownload PDF
5/14/2013Notice of Public Meeting - Variance 607 E Moody BlvdDownload PDF
5/11/2013Potato Fesitival Vendor ApplicationDownload PDF
5/4/2013Service Learning S.T.E.M. Expo - Flagler County Education FoundationDownload PDF
5/2/20133rd Annual Day of PrayerDownload PDF
5/1/2013May NewsletterDownload PDF
4/25/2013USDA Earth Day Celebration & Check Presentation CeremonyDownload PDF
4/20/20132013 Housing FairDownload PDF
4/20/2013Beautification Day Vendor ApplicationDownload PDF
4/20/2013Centennial Beautification EventDownload PDF
4/18/2013Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) WorkshopDownload PDF
4/8/2013City Commission Executive SessionDownload PDF
4/4/2013Secretary of Agriculture Declaration for Florida - FL 13533Download PDF
4/4/2013Economic Injury Distaster Loans Fact Sheet - FL 13533Download PDF
4/1/2013April NewsletterDownload PDF
4/1/2013Fire Hydrant Registration Information FlyerDownload PDF
3/27/2013RFP 2013-06 Carlson Supervisor + GPS Tablet PackageDownload PDF
3/21/2013Plantation Bay Community Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
3/7/2013Bunnell Fire Hydrant LocationsDownload PDF
3/1/2013March NewsletterDownload PDF
2/25/2013Notice of 3-12-13 Manual Post Audit Canvassing Board MeetingDownload PDF
2/20/2013Fire Hydrant Decoration Contest RulesDownload PDF
2/7/2013Revised Agreement for Purchase and Sale 2-7-13Download PDF
2/7/2013Utility Developer Agreement 2-7-13Download PDF
2/7/2013Revised Financial Analysis 2-7-13Download PDF
2/7/2013Reclaimed Water Service Agreement 2-7-13Download PDF
2/6/2013City of Bunnell - Plantation Bay AcquisitionDownload PDF
2/6/2013Flagler County - Plantation Bay AcquisitionDownload PDF
2/6/2013FCBOCC Joint Workshop with Bunnell City CommissionDownload PDF
2/6/2013Resolution 2013-03Download PDF
2/6/2013Item B - Plantation Bay Valuation Financial Feasibility Report-1-31-13Download PDF
2/6/2013Item A - Purchase and Sale Agreement with exhibitsDownload PDF
2/6/2013Item B - Engineering Conditions and AssessmentDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment A - Project NarrativeDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment E - Water Treatment Plant PermitDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment F - Utility Valuation Analysis ReportDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment G - Plantation Bay Utility System Condition AssessmentDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment I - Financial AnalysisDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment J & K - FLU Map & Plantation Bay Service Area MapDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment M - Notice of Public Meeting, AgendaDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment L - 2011 Public Service Commission ReportDownload PDF
2/6/2013Item C - Exhibit K - Ingress and Egress EasementDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment C - Business PlanDownload PDF
2/6/2013Water Facilities PlanDownload PDF
2/6/2013Interlocal Agreement - Plantation BayDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment N - Notice of Public Meeting, AgendaDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment B - RFI ApplicationDownload PDF
2/6/2013SRF ResolutionDownload PDF
2/6/2013Exhibit M - Developer AgreementDownload PDF
2/6/2013Exhibit N - Reuse AgreementDownload PDF
2/6/2013Purchase And Sale - UpdatedDownload PDF
2/6/2013Attachment E - Sanitary Survey 3-30-12Download PDF
2/6/2013FDEP Project DescriptionDownload PDF
2/5/2013Item B - Financial AnalysisDownload PDF
2/4/2013Asphalt Paving Questions & AnswersDownload PDF
2/1/2013February NewsletterDownload PDF
1/23/2013RFP 2013-01 Paving N. Bacher StreetDownload PDF
1/23/2013RFP 2013-02 Paving N. Peach StreetDownload PDF
1/23/2013RFP 2013-03 Paving S. Hope StreetDownload PDF
1/23/2013RFP 2013-04 Paving S. Main StreetDownload PDF
1/23/2013RFP 2013-05 Paving W. Booe StreetDownload PDF
1/17/2013FDOT Commerce Parkway MeetingDownload PDF
1/12/2013Centennial Celebration Participation Package FlyerDownload PDF
1/1/2013January - 2013 NewsletterDownload PDF
12/21/2012Holiday HayrideDownload PDF
12/18/2012Special Exception Request-Public Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
12/18/2012Variance Request-Public Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
12/12/2012RFP 2012-12 HVAC ServicesDownload PDF
12/12/2012RFP 2012-13 Plumbing Contract ServicesDownload PDF
12/11/2012Flagler County Legislative DelegationDownload PDF
12/5/2012Kiwanis Check PresentationDownload PDF
12/1/2012December NewsletterDownload PDF
12/1/2012Heritage Festival Vendor ApplicationDownload PDF
11/29/2012City of Bunnell EEO NoticeDownload PDF
11/9/2012Special Exception Request Notice- Bread of Life MinistryDownload PDF
11/1/2012November NewsletterDownload PDF
10/13/2012“Going the Extra Mile” Registration and Sponsorship FormDownload PDF
10/8/2012After Hours Emergency NumbersDownload PDF
10/5/2012Cowart Farms 2012 Fall Festival & Crop MazeDownload PDF
10/3/2012Executive Session AgendaDownload PDF
10/1/2012FY 12-13 Final Adopted BudgetDownload PDF
10/1/2012October NewsletterDownload PDF
9/27/20121st Annual Economic Development SeminarDownload PDF
9/24/2012Public Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
9/1/2012September NewsletterDownload PDF
8/27/2012Bunnell City Song Contest RulesDownload PDF
8/15/2012City Accommodations for Disabled and LEP-LESDownload PDF
8/1/2012August NewsletterDownload PDF
7/25/2012Notice of the Availability of an Environmental Assessment (Spanish)Download PDF
7/25/2012Notice of the Availability of an Environmental Assessment Download PDF
7/25/2012Small Business SaturdaysDownload PDF
7/20/2012Proposed FY 2012/2013 General Fund Operating BudgetDownload PDF
7/20/2012Proposed FY 2012/2013 Enterprise Operating BudgetDownload PDF
7/9/2012FCBOCC Joint Workshop with Bunnell City CommissionDownload PDF
7/1/2012July NewsletterDownload PDF
6/7/2012Centennial Celebration Committee Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
5/31/2012Building Healthy Communities WorkshopDownload PDF
5/14/2012Half Cent Sales Tax Representatives MeetingDownload PDF
5/3/2012Centennial Celebration Committee Meeting NoticeDownload PDF
5/3/2012National Day of PrayerDownload PDF
4/17/2012Public Hearing Notice - Sign OrdinanceDownload PDF
4/17/2012Special Exeption Request - Meat of the Word MinistriesDownload PDF
4/16/2012FCBOCC Historic Courthouse WorkshopDownload PDF
4/14/2012Beautify BunnellDownload PDF
4/14/2012Beautify Bunnell RegistrationDownload PDF
4/11/2012Logo Contest Official Rules and Entry FormDownload PDF
4/9/2012Executive Session MeetingDownload PDF
3/27/2012FDOT Commerce Parkway Alternatives MeetingDownload PDF
3/26/2012Full Cost Accounting for Solid Waste FY 11Download PDF
12/31/20112011 Water Quality ReportDownload PDF