Date Description File
5/19/2015PZA Board Special Exception Request - Flagler CatsDownload PDF
5/19/2015PZA Board Variance Request - LCP MachineDownload PDF
5/7/2015National Day of Prayer CelebrationDownload PDF
4/21/2015Cancelled Notice of Public HearingDownload PDF
6/23/2014FY 2013 Audit PresentationDownload PDF
5/14/20142013 City of Bunnell Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
5/14/20142013 Plantation Bay Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
3/31/2014FY 12 - 13 CRA Annual ReportDownload PDF
3/26/2014New City CharterDownload PDF
2/10/2014City Commission Executive Strategy SessionDownload PDF
7/8/20131913 Period AttireDownload PDF
6/1/20132012 Water Quality ReportDownload PDF
5/17/2013City of Bunnell 2012 CCR FinalDownload PDF
2/4/2013Asphalt Paving Questions & AnswersDownload PDF
11/29/2012City of Bunnell EEO NoticeDownload PDF
10/1/2012FY 12-13 Final Adopted BudgetDownload PDF
8/15/2012City Accommodations for Disabled and LEP-LESDownload PDF
12/31/20112011 Water Quality ReportDownload PDF