Judi Stetson

Message from the Director
Judi Stetson

The Department of Grants, Special Projects and CRA teams up with all the City Departments, and Boards to brainstorm on projects to improve the quality of life in our city, and of ways to make of those projects a reality. We put our emphasis on a coordinated approach that ensures every element of every project complements and strengthens the others. For us it isn’t only about getting results. It’s about getting results in the right way. Our department is striving to establish the tools and reinforce the values that provide everyone with rewarding work opportunities and quality of life in our City, and this can only be done with effective leadership and above all, with your input, support and commitment for a better Bunnell.

We work towards acquiring funds through outside resources to support City initiatives.


  • To work with the Commission and each department within the City seeking funding to support the identified needs and planned projects.
  • The department prepares Legislative Delegation packages for Local, State and Federal affiliates to support Bunnell and the projects that have been identified as priorities for your citizens.

Special Projects

Special Projects
  • To work with the Commission, City Manager, Departments, Federal / State Agencies and the community to create / support a project that has been identified as key to the City.

CRA - Community Redevelopment Agency


- To work with the Commission, CRA Board, Committee, Staff, Business owners and Residents in revitalizing the downtown area to include preserving our history, beautification and supporting existing businesses as well as encouraging new opportunities.