Community Development

Department Presentation

Mick Cuthbertson

Community Development Director Mick Cuthbertson

Message from the Director

The Community Development Department is in the service business. We serve the City Commission, the citizens of Bunnell, the business owners, and the property owners. We focus all our efforts to carry out the vision of the City Commission for a clean, vibrant, and diverse community. We strive to assist residents and business owners in achieving the best of both urban and rural community lifestyles since Bunnell is truly a “tale of two cities” , considering the historic urban city core, and the annexed rural areas.

Pro Development Message

The City Commission has made it clear, “Bunnell is open for Business”. Everything is in place to encourage and assist new and existing business, and residential development in Bunnell including affordable land, low development costs, and a City Commission with a pro business vision. Bunnell is truly the “Crossroads of Flagler County” bisected by three state roads, a railway, with incredible proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway, and of course only a few minutes from the Atlantic Ocean beaches!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Development Department is to guide the orderly development and continued revitalization of the community by maintaining and implementing the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code.

Description of Activities

The Community Development Department oversees every phase of development within the City. From the design of buildings, to the infrastructure to serve it, to the use of buildings, to the on-going maintenance of properties, all questions regarding private property development and use can be directed to the Community Development Department. The Department is organized in divisions: Building Permits, Planning and Zoning, Comprehensive Planning, Code Enforcement and Local Business Tax Receipts.

Building Permits

The Community Development Department issues permits for all new construction or modifications to existing developments (commercial, residential or industrial) in the City. Permits are issued at the Community Development Office by our Building Official. The permits follow the safety standards set forth in the Building Code and the City maintains a staff inspector. He visits each job site to verify that the work has been performed to Code requirements. Adherence to the Building Code ensures that each project meets a minimum set of safety standards, which in turn helps preserve the value of the buildings and structures. The City of Bunnell also staffs a Fire Inspector for Plan Reviews and inspections.

The City has a knowledgeable Building staff that is available to assist you with whatever questions or needs you may have. You may make an appointment for any building or fire inspection at (386)437-7516. If you have any questions regarding work you are considering or other building-related concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Building Department during regular business hours. Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm.

Planning and Zoning

There are two primary functions of the Planning Division: current and long range planning. Current planning involves the review of development projects, including anything from bedroom additions to residential subdivisions and new commercial centers. Projects are reviewed for matters such as compliance with zoning regulations, the effect the project will have on the environment, and compatibility with neighboring uses.

Long range planning, on the other hand, involves the establishment of regulations and long range plans for land use and development within the City. The type, size, location, and appearance of development on each property is determined through the Comprehensive Planning process. In essence, it establishes the objectives and framework under which current planning can effectively occur.

Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that represents the official statement of the City regarding its social, physical, and economic goals. The adopted Comprehensive Plan includes chapters on land use, traffic circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, safety, community design, educational and cultural resources, and utility infrastructure. The Comprehensive Plan determines the potential growth of the City, including residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Then, it establishes goals to accommodate that growth.


The Land Development Code is designed to implement the goals of the Comprehensive Plan through detailed regulations. Each property in the City is designated a certain zone. The Zoning Ordinance, in turn, establishes the types of uses permitted at the location, intensity, and the size of structures within each zone.

Local Business Tax Receipts (formerly Occupational Licenses)

The Local Business Tax Receipt is imposed for the privilege of doing business in the City of Bunnell. Anyone that engages in any type of business within the City limits is required to have a City of Bunnell Local Business Tax Receipt.

New businesses should apply for Local Business Tax Receipts at 2323 North State Street #60, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

All existing receipts are renewed by the City beginning July 1 of each year, are due and payable on or before September 30 of each year, and expire on September 30 of the succeeding year. Receipts not renewed by September 30 become delinquent and subject to a penalty of 10% for the month of October and an additional 5% for each month of delinquency thereafter. However, the total delinquency penalty may not exceed 25 percent of the tax for the delinquent establishment. The fee for new Local Business Tax Receipts issued from April 1, through September 30, shall be one-half the regular annual license tax.

The City of Bunnell has fixed Business Tax fees as established by the City Commissioners. These fees are attached to a classification that would describe your business.