New Meeting Agenda Access

The City of Bunnell is implementing a new agenda tool. Initially this will be for the City Commission, but in short order will include all of the volunteer Boards and Committees as well. Below is the new public interface which allows users to search for meeting information. This new interface is word searchable and should allow the public to research and find the information they want for meetings. This functionality will prove more useful as we utilize the system, and it builds information into the database.

This system will be activated with the November 14, 2016 meeting of the City Commission. As development continues, other Boards will be added.

If you would like information on City Commission meetings prior to November 14, 2016, or any of the current or past volunteer boards (Code Enforcement, Planning Zoning and Appeals, etc.) please click here.

For Additional Information

If you have questions, require additional information, or you wish to leave feed back about our new interface, please contact the City Clerk's Office at phone (386)437-7500 Option 5 or you can email Sandi Bolser at

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