Date Description File
4/12/2018Volunteer Firefighter Pension Board Agenda- AMENDEDDownload PDF
9/28/2017Volunteer Firefighters Retirement System AgendaDownload PDF
6/26/2017AMENDED City Commission Workshop (Fire Department Major Equipment Plan)Download PDF
5/24/2017City Commission (Retreat) WorkshopDownload PDF
3/28/2017Voluntary Firefighters' Retirement Systems MeetingDownload PDF
12/22/2016Volunteer Firefighters Retirement System MeetingDownload PDF
12/20/2016PZA Board- No MeetingDownload PDF
12/14/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
10/24/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
10/24/2016As stated in Published Agenda: Item H-1 Attachments Download PDF
10/24/2016Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting- CanceledDownload PDF
10/18/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
10/12/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
10/10/2016Amended City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
10/10/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
10/5/2016City Commission Emergency MeetingDownload PDF
9/28/2016Volunteer Firefighters Pension BoardDownload PDF
9/26/2016City Second Public Budget Hearing for FY2017Download PDF
9/26/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
9/20/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
9/14/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
9/12/2016City First Public Budget Hearing for FY2017Download PDF
9/12/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
8/29/2016City Commission FY17 Final Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
8/22/2016CRA Board AgendaDownload PDF
8/22/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
8/22/2016City Commission Workshop - Fire DepartmentDownload PDF
8/16/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
8/10/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
8/8/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
7/25/2016City Commission Meeting- CanceledDownload PDF
7/25/2016Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting- CanceledDownload PDF
7/21/2016City Commission Special Meeting- Proposed Millage RateDownload PDF
7/21/2016City Commission Special MeetingDownload PDF
7/19/2016PZA Board Meeting- No MeetingDownload PDF
7/14/2016City Commission Budget Workshop- General Fund Download PDF
7/13/2016Code Enforcement Board- No MeetingDownload PDF
7/11/2016City Commission Water/Sewer & Solid Waste Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
7/11/2016City Commission Regular Meeting- AMENDEDDownload PDF
6/27/2016City Commission Regular MeetingDownload PDF
6/27/2016City Commission Workshop (Stormwater Fees & Emergency Preparedness)Download PDF
6/21/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
6/13/2016City Commission Workshop (Facility Rentals & Special Events)Download PDF
6/13/2016City Commission Regular Meeting (546 pages)Download PDF
6/8/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
5/23/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
5/17/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
5/11/2016Code Enforcement Board- No MeetingDownload PDF
5/9/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
4/25/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
4/25/2016City Commission Workshop- Facility RentalsDownload PDF
4/19/2016PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
4/18/2016Parks & Rec. Advisory Committee Board Download PDF
4/13/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
4/11/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
4/11/2016Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting - CanceledDownload PDF
3/30/2016Volunteer Firefighters Pension BoardDownload PDF
3/28/2016City Commission Workshop- Employee Health Care BenefitsDownload PDF
3/28/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
3/15/2016PZA Board Meeting - CancelledDownload PDF
3/14/2016City Commission Meeting Download PDF
3/9/2016Code Enforcement Board - No Meeting ScheduledDownload PDF
2/22/2016Second Public Hearing - CDBGDownload PDF
2/22/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
2/16/2016PZA Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
2/10/2016Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
2/8/2016City Commission Meeting Download PDF
1/25/2016City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
1/19/2016PZA Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
1/13/2016Code Enforcement Board Meeting- No Meeting HeldDownload PDF
1/11/2016Parks - Recreation Committee MeetingDownload PDF
1/11/2016Fair Housing WorkshopDownload PDF
1/11/20161st Public Hearing - CDBGDownload PDF
1/11/2016City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
12/23/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
12/23/2015Citizen's Advisory Task ForceDownload PDF
12/15/2015PZA Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
12/14/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
12/9/2015Code Enforcement Board MeetingDownload PDF
12/7/2015City Commission Special MeetingDownload PDF
12/2/2015Special City Commission Meeting (City Manager Interviews)Download PDF
11/23/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
11/18/2015City Commission Special Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
11/17/2015PZA Board Meeting scheduled for 11/17/15 has been cancelled.Download PDF
11/11/2015Bunnell Board of Trustees VFF Retirement Systems Download PDF
11/9/2015* Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
10/26/2015City Commission Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
10/20/2015PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
10/14/2015Code Enforcement Board MeetingDownload PDF
10/12/2015City Commission Meeting Download PDF
9/30/2015Bunnell Board of Trustees VFF Retirement Systems Download PDF
9/28/2015Second Public Budget HearingDownload PDF
9/28/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
9/23/2015City Commission Special MeetingDownload PDF
9/15/2015September PZA Board Meeting Cancelled.Download PDF
9/14/2015City Commission 1st Budget HearingDownload PDF
9/14/2015City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
9/14/2015Park and Rec Advisory Committee Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
8/31/2015City Commission Special Meeting (AMENDED)Download PDF
8/24/20152nd City Commission Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
8/24/2015Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
8/18/2015PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
8/12/2015Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
8/10/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
8/10/2015City Commission 1st Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
7/31/2015City Commission Special MeetingDownload PDF
7/27/2015City Commission Meeting Download PDF
7/21/2015PZA Board MeetingDownload PDF
7/15/2015Flagler County League of Cities (Mayors' Meeting)Download PDF
7/13/2015City Commissioner Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
7/13/2015AMENDED Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
7/8/2015Code Enforcement Board Meeting - No MeetingDownload PDF
6/22/2015City Commission Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
6/16/2015PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
6/10/2015Code Enforcement Board MeetingDownload PDF
6/8/2015Fair Housing WorkshopDownload PDF
6/8/2015City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
6/8/2015Second Public Hearing (CDBG)Download PDF
6/3/2015Vol. FF Retirement System MeetingDownload PDF
5/26/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
5/19/2015PZA Board MeetingDownload PDF
5/18/2015Special City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
5/13/2015Code Enforcement Board Meeting -NO MEETING SCHEDULEDDownload PDF
5/11/2015City Commission Meeting Download PDF
5/11/2015Amended Agenda Summary and new Agenda Item #F-1 Resolution 2015-13Download PDF
4/27/2015City Commission Meeting Agenda Download PDF
4/21/2015PZA Board Meeting CANCELLEDDownload PDF
4/13/2015Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
4/13/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
4/8/2015Code Enforcement Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
3/24/2015Bunnell Vol FF Retirement System AgendaDownload PDF
3/23/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
3/17/2015PZA Board Meeting CANCELLEDDownload PDF
3/11/2015Code Enforcement Board Meeting CANCELLEDDownload PDF
3/9/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
2/23/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
2/17/2015PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
2/11/2015Code Enforcement Meeting - NO MEETING SCHEDULEDDownload PDF
2/9/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
1/26/2015CRA Board Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
1/26/2015City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
1/20/2015PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
1/14/2015Code Enforcement Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
1/12/2015City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
12/24/2014Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
12/23/2014Bunnell Vol FF Retirement System AgendaDownload PDF
12/16/2014PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
12/8/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
12/8/2014City Commission TEFRA HearingDownload PDF
11/24/2014First CDBG Public HearingDownload PDF
11/24/2014Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
11/12/2014Code Enforcement Board Agenda PacketDownload PDF
11/10/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
11/5/2014Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Citizen's Advisory Task Force (CATF) Agenda PacketDownload PDF
10/27/2014City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
10/23/2014Public Meeting FRDAP Grant ApplicationDownload PDF
10/23/2014Public Meeting - Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Grant Application Download PDF
10/21/2014PZA Board Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
10/13/2014City Commission Workshop MeetingDownload PDF
10/13/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
9/22/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
9/22/2014Second Public Budget Hearing Download PDF
9/16/2014PZA Meeting Agenda PacketDownload PDF
9/10/2014Code Enforcement Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
9/8/2014Amended City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
9/8/2014First Budget Hearing Download PDF
8/28/2014City Commission Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
8/28/2014City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
8/19/2014Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
8/18/2014Executive Session (Masci)Download PDF
8/18/2014Executive Session (Fraternal Order of Police)Download PDF
8/18/2014Executive Session Meeting (FOP Neg)Download PDF
8/13/2014Fraternal Order of Police Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
8/13/2014Code Enforcement Board Meeting Download PDF
8/11/2014City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
8/11/2014Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
7/28/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
7/28/2014Addendum to City Commission Budget WorkshopDownload PDF
7/28/2014Revised City Commission Budget Workshop AgendaDownload PDF
7/28/2014Revised City Commission Special MeetingDownload PDF
7/21/2014City Commission Special Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
7/21/2014City Commission Special Meeting - CancelledDownload PDF
7/15/2014Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
7/14/2014City Commission Workshop Meeting (Chamber Presentation)Download PDF
7/14/2014Amended City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
7/9/2014Amended Code Enforcement Board AgendaDownload PDF
7/9/2014Code Enforcement Meeting Agenda - CanceledDownload PDF
7/7/2014City Commission Special Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
6/23/2014City Commission Executive Strategy Session Public Notice and AgendaDownload PDF
6/23/2014City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
6/17/2014Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
6/11/2014Code Enforcement Board MeetingDownload PDF
6/9/2014City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
6/9/2014CRA Board Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
6/9/2014City Commission Meeting Agenda - AmendedDownload PDF
6/7/2014City Commission Strategy Session - CanceledDownload PDF
6/2/2014Special City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
5/27/2014Fraternal Order of Police MeetingDownload PDF
5/27/2014City Commission Workshop - PD PresentationDownload PDF
5/27/2014Amended City Commission Meeting AgendaDownload PDF
5/20/2014Planning, Zoning & Appeals Board Meeting - CanceledDownload PDF
5/19/2014City Commission WorkshopDownload PDF
5/14/2014Fraternal Order of Police MeetingDownload PDF
5/14/2014Code Enforcement Board Meeting - CancelledDownload PDF
5/12/2014City Commission MeetingDownload PDF
4/28/2014City Commission Public HearingDownload PDF
4/28/2014Amended Executive Strategy SessionDownload PDF
4/28/2014City Commission AgendaDownload PDF
4/28/2014City Commission Agenda - AmendedDownload PDF
4/17/2014Fraternal Order of the Police Contract Download PDF